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Cyber Response Consultant (entry-level)



£30,000 - £40,000 p/a


Accounting and Finance



Job description

Client: Global Risk Consulting Firm

This is a non-technical role, suited to someone with a good understanding of Cyber Security (i.e. a Graduate, or someone with relevant experience looking to move into Cyber). The role is effectively the client-facing side of Cyber, advising and hand-holding of clients - walking them through the process and advising them on the situation after they have suffered a data breach.

Role Duties:
Advise clients on post incident cyber crisis management independently or in conjunction with the Cyber response department.
- Conduct initial assessment of case providing immediate verbal/written advice.
- Provide clients with on-going advice covering:
- Liaison with key stakeholders, communicators/intermediaries.
- Options, contingency plans and recommendations for managing the technical and non-technical elements of response.
- Additional technical support e.g. network forensics or additional support to the Digital Forensics department; that may be required alongside any non-technical support.

Ideal Candidate:
Recent Graduate with 1 year of work experience (placement) or similar relevant experience.

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